Live at Ozora 2016 w/ Mettakin & Baxtak

September 3, 2016

We made our debut at one of the biggest that Europe can offer in a style suitable to us; Ozora Festival. Mettakin & Baxtak took the Outta sounds to Ozora for a 9 to 12 am morning set at the Chill Out Dome at Ozora Festival.

The mix was recorded at 192kbps due to some technical issues and the first 11 minutes are from the previous artist, Liminal Roots. The set list after that goes like:

Баxтак [Intro: 11:19 – 29:25]

Bwoy De Bhajan – Northern Quartz Aurora [Outtallectuals]
High Dude – A Purpose [Outtallectuals]
The Digital Connection – Deeper [Gravitas Recordings]
Martin’s Garden x Lo.renzo – Siddharta [Outtallectuals]
Wu Wei x Subleeminal – Balancing Act [Outtallectuals]

Mettakin [29:25 – 1:42:00]

Mettakin – Frey [Unreleased]
Dubsize – Beyond the Sky [Mettakin Remix]
Mettakin – Saravatis Dub [Subbass Label]
Mettakin – Found Shanti
Mettakin – Dune Dub [Earth City Records]
Mettakin – Static Entity
Mettakin – Rada Loa
Mettakin – Giri Dub
Mettakin – Tulsi (Ozora Edit)[Forthcoming Hyperbole]
Mettakin – Lanterns & Caravans (Beatfarmer Remix)[Horsepower Productions]
Mettakin – Iroko
Mettakin – Pathfinder [Horsepower Productions]
Mettakin – Belogradchik
Mettakin – Alluvial [Outtallectuals]
Mettakin – Pan Tanal [Outtallectuals]
Mettakin – Ruszowi [Outtallectuals]
Mettakin – Xentiana [Outtallectuals]
Mettakin – Azul Cypher [Outtallectuals]
Mettakin – Terra Flux [Outtallectuals]

Baxtak [Outro: 1:42:00 – 2:36:00]

Clearlight – Blotter
Audeka – Mushrooms Are Alien Probes
DTR – Prayer Wheel
SPCZ – Amal [Subbass]
Salook – Luxor [Outtallectuals]
Martin’s Garden x Yechidah [Merkaba Music]
Balkansky – Mana
Byzantine Time Machine – Adventure in Istanbul [Outtallectuals]
Mind Over Mayhem – Trapped in Bangladesh
Amin Payne – Ramzy, The Pimp [BeatGeeks]
Amin Payne – Arabian Dust [BeatGeeks]
Zwirek – Love in Damascus
MORiLLO – Hieroglyphics [Play Me! Records]
Hullabalo0 x Detox Unit – Whachhu Need [Outtallectuals]
SOOHAN – Super Heady Spiritual Gangster
Kaur – Anmol Gagan Maan (SOOHAN Remix)
MORiLLO – Bangalore [Muti Music]
Seven D – Mutable Fire

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