[OUTTA007] Geotropism


ge•ot•ro•pism – jēˈätrəˌpizəm [noun]: the growth of the parts of plants or other living beings with respect to the force of gravity. The upward growth of plant shoots is an instance of negative geotropism; the downward growth of roots is positive geotropism.

‘Geotropism’ is the seventh release from Outtallectuals and it is an exclusive compilation of genre-bending and thought-provoking intelligent electronic music. Showcasing music from Future Chill and Electronica to IDM and Glitch / Neurohop, this album is designed and promotes some of the artists Outtallectuals discovers and works with. We are extremely glad to be able to showcase these artists from Norway, UK, New Caledonia, Canada, USA, Austria and Hungary and the following paragraph aims to best describe the experience you will have:

Starting with the soothing sound of producers Willas Rod, Kromatic Sounds and Koyo, this Equinoxical release initiates with the tone of laidback yet intrinsic sound design. Next up Baxtak and Glott continue the 808-inspired side of the album with their orient-influenced tribal trap collaboration. Afterward, things really start to get weird. Aversive creates an inner core deep neuro IDM banger, Refraq and Sora collaborate to make a cinematic 120bpm IDM gem, and The Creature and Bell’s Worth cook up arguably the most daring experiment yet splendid genre-defier of the album. Last but certainly not least, Dirty Zen provides an insightful and glitchy electronica suite while Erik Kolderup creates an autumn evening-feel glitch-hop composition.

Free album download here.

Song Credits:

Aversive (Canada):

Baxtak (UK):

Bell’s Worth (USA)

Dirty Zen (UK):

Erik Kolderup (USA):

Glott (Hungary):

Koyo (New Caledonia):

Kromatic (UK):

Refraq (UK):

Sora (Austria):

The Creature (Canada):

Willas Rod (Norway)



Kermode (Canada):

Credit for the illustrated artwork goes to Ian Jones:

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