[OUTTA053] Uraan – Motherland EP

Presenting ‘Motherland’; Uraan’s debut 4-track EP for Outtallectuals, blending elements of triphop, IDM and techno with the group’s regional signature sound from Yakutia, Siberia. Starting with the cold wailing melodies of downtempo openers, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Endless’, the EP gradually moves to the throat-singing-led experimental techno of ‘Ancestors Call’, before ending with ‘Sunrise Celebration’; a positive up-tempo blend of Siberian post-rock and electronica, in collaboration with Yakutian orchestra, Kyl Sakha.


released December 22, 2019

Production, Composition and Mixing by Uraan
Regional instruments on Track 4 by Kyl Sakha.
Artwork by Artem Clyde
Released on Outtallectuals / Distributed by Label Engine

Music video for ‘Diamond’ by Sreda Studio:

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