Bells Worth

(US) [Unknown]

If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to Bell’s Worth music, you can either vouch for the fact that it’s one of the strangest well-executed occurrences of electronic music since its dawn. It’s a bold claim, yet one that we’re happy to support at the Outtallectuals headquarters. With respect to his truely unique fusion of immersive conceptualization and top tier sound design technicality, Bell’s Worth creates compositions that engage your attention in 20 minutes, more than a whole TV show would in 10 series.

Here in the outta realm, we’ve been fortunate enough to summon Bell’s Worth’s magic to lead the avant-garde branch of the label, producing ‘Frabjous Day’ and ‘Sophomore Storytime’ EPs, and contribute to conceptual compilations and collaborations as we proceed.

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