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Maynix is a 21 y/o producer from Naples, Italy, with previous releases through Firepower Records, LA90, Open Outlets, VALE, Intrinzic Music, The Rust Music, and of course, Outtallectuals; an artist with exceptional sound design skills and a unique melodic take on all things neuro/techy and cinematic. After quietly pushing tunes through a series of boutique labels and outlets for three years, the shadowy producer Maynix shared his breathtaking full-length debut Trumours in 2019 via Culprate’s Open Outlets label.

Maynix’s music a large array of experimental and soulful genres of music, presenting a cinematic and atmospheric journey through uncharted crannies of sound, paying homage to 70s psychedelic and progressive rock, groove-bending complexities of IDM music, and a tearful dose of free jazz and blues. The term ‘psychedelic’ is often used very loosely in the music industry, and while psychedelic genres traditionally denoted a sense of unpredictability, not many producers are willing to experiment with such daring compositions and song structures outside the confines of accepted genres. Maynix’s first full-length release is an exemplary pursuit of this ideal, fusing emotional melodies, cerebral confusion and triumph, and leg-twisting grooves in a truly unbound, yet elegant fashion.

So far, the artist has contributed an early-career single, ‘A Koala Sits On A Tree Smoking A Tree’, as well as a compilation contribution, ‘Harptime’ to Outtallectuals’ discography, and he has a number of collaborations in the work forthcoming on the label.



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