Beautiful Decay #001: Soular Order – Roamer EP

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After a decision to expand our music blogging so more specific categories, we can now present to you ‘Beautiful Decay’. In this feature, we will be focusing on blissful music that verge on the more ambient side of the spectrum and would roughly be described by some as nighttime / lounge listening.

Kicking off the first feature, we like to present Soular Order‘s new EP ‘Roamer‘. One of the main men behind the City By Night Records and Future Astronaut Podcast, Soular Order comes from a background of making chill-inducing post-dubstep music. However, at this stage, this should just be called post-genre. The EP kicks in with an almost post-rock guitar-packed ambiance for the introduction of ‘Hinterland‘. The size of this intro makes you want to be watching an Attenborough documentary in IMAX, as well as setting the tone for ‘Drifting Apart‘ which is the perfect balance of energizing and cold. The future garage type beat breaks down into a steppy breakdown which includes an incredibly uplifting guitar lick. Albeit similar to Drifting Apart, ‘With You‘ is a perfect example of a melody-driven journey that utilizes all multiples of its tempo to maximize that authentic ethereal Soular Order sound. Oneira‘s vocal duties on this one are smooth as dandelions, helping the fluency of the deep house to step transitions with an air of 90’s trip-hop music. The final track ‘Roamer‘ starts off verging on an almost avant-garde foot and carries this feeling through with drawn out pads and guitar chords progressing to the afterlife and back to your chair. Bass sounds subtly supplement the composition as an outro that doesn’t quite end the EP as much as it appropriately roams away in a sonic wanderlust.

A standout feature in all tracks is how the production stays so clean despite the extremely synth-padded and white-noise filled environment. Mixing, mastering, sound-design, inclusion of organic elements, feel and authenticity of sound are also all criteria that have been fully maximized in this release. Round of applause for Soular Order and feather listening for all.

You can find

Soular Order on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and buy the EP for a very reasonable price here.


Oneira on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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