Riff Eternal

Sturle Dagsland Blends Realms In An Unheard Fantastical Folklore Brew

Sturle Dagsland For all connoisseurs looking for the next big avant-garde artist, Norway’s Sturle Dagsland could be a solid contender for that title. This self-titled debut LP offers powerful moments of artistry with a vast diaspora of reference points somehow managing to somehow channel Björk, Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, black ...

Riff Eternal – Top Experimental Metal Discoveries Of 2020

Riff Eternal 2020 was a pretty good year for all that distorted heavy music. Probably all the angst from the shit-show everything relating to politics, environment, pandemics and social issues, right? In the past we used to go gig it out and headbang our way back to sanity when things ...

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