Worthsmiths’ Lair – Outtallectuals’ Top Hip-Hop Discoveries of 2020

Worthsmiths’ Lair Summary Avant-garde hip-hop for spiritual warfare; global raps with innovative rhyme schemes, unique leftfield vocabulary, triple entendres, intellectual social commentary & soul-searching introspect. Street poets who might have you opening dictionaries & Wikipedia to decypher tunes. Here’s our top hip-hop discoveries in 2020. Playlist cover photo is of ...

Outtallectuals Collaboration: Assasi x Baxtak – The Blue Giant

We are incredibly excited to present to you the collaboration between Outallectuals producer, Баxтак and Syrian rapper Assasi from the Bilad El-Sham movement. The Blue Giant is a conceptual track from Assasi’s upcoming ‘Third World Wide’ album, and it highlights his story as a Syrian rapper on a global journey. The music video ...

Harlem Shook Part 1: Musical

In the last few weeks, anyone on any social media website has been experiencing what could be called a ‘Harlem Shake’ attack. This is a viral condition where people film themselves busting the craziest party moves they can in odd environments as an ode to the song Harlem Shake by ...

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