Chalky links with singer/rapper Jevon Ives for pensive single “Why Do We Run”

February 18, 2021 - Blog

What can we expect from the conjunction of a soulful vocalist and a versatile musician and beat maker? The answer can be found in Jevon Ives and Chalky with their new single, “Why Do We Run”.

The track, which seemingly pertains to the meaning of this ever-faster life, presents clear references from both artists; Chalky, a British guitarist and beat maker who handles different styles such as jazz, punk, and post-rock; and Jevon Ives, a vocalist with a wide vocal range, whose influences range from British Hip-Hop, grime and drill to soul, jazz and r&b.

As a result, Why Do We Run is presented as a blend of broad sound references, soulful chorus, and more aggressive bars without abandoning the elegance that characterizes their author. Conceptually, the song disentangles the meaning of life in an increasingly liquid, fast and demanding society, one in which persistence itself has become a struggle.

It will be easy to identify and relate to the song’s message, as it describes a battle that we all know well; the hard battle that one fights with oneself.

– Words by Fati Fatenne

“Following up from his brilliant work of Strange Changes, Chalky’s instrumental is moody enough to get you crying, but Jevon’s lyrics are a perfect lifejacket to hold you afloat, or better yet, moonwalk on the ocean of existential sorrow”. – Baxtak

Jevon Ives & Chalky’s “Why Do We Run” will be released via Bandcamp on the 5th of March, and set for wider digital distribution on 11th of March.

Stream & Buy at: https://fanlink.to/whydowerun


“why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run

still, mana out here in the mist of it all
gotta get back up if you slip or you fall
why you gonna try risking it all
when you got all you need so don’t miss or you’ll fall

don’t worry coz ill sort it when i’m settled
never looking for something to do coz i’m not bored up in my mental
sat here billin up another zoot because its more or less essential
switching it up on the gears and put the pedal to the metal yo
the mood is what i capture, its the mood that i’m setting
ill soon be back in action or else soon they’ll be forgetting
got me moving all unbalanced in this movie that i dwell in
time to encapsulate,
round it off,
back the race,
think of all this time i’ve wasted doing the shit i’m regretting
forgotten but never forgetting,
coz i’m always learning my lesson,
dem man are lackin the stamina when they see me cant put words in a sentence
no search for redemption, my first intervention
it doesn’t matter what i was doing coz i’m focusing on my intentions
on my intentions yeah

why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run

need to relax this shit is too manic
you couldn’t keep up with my mood ganging
said i cant keep up with these bootleggin’ zoot addicts
soon have it, food vanish, truth has it, really cause some root damage,
as we out here gaining not taking advice
man think that this sauce never came at a price
hours of failing – i don’t want to have to say this twice
best set off the highway coz my way is right
everybody ranting and raving so they see trough all the facts
i took a trip down memory lanes not the same when your moving all mad
nah, dark thoughts in my head, quick one two then i dash
gotta keep on even if your week on your knees and your feinding for cash
see i know that my bredrins got me but i’m a boss please show them my stats
i be doing shit properly USA tour in control of the map
got home with a big fat smile on my face now i’m holding my racks
had to lock off my line, nah i ain’t phoning them back

why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run
why do we run run run run run”


Chalky (Cornwall, UK) Biography:
SLUG WIFE, Sinewave Collective, Night Owl Collective

Chalky White is a truly unique beat maker, guitarist and composer hailing from the South West of the UK. Having played in a broad spectrum of ensembles from a young age – from Punk to Jazz, Hip-Hop to Post-Rock – he pulls all of these influences together effortlessly to create music that stands up as fresh and innovative in an otherwise oversaturated musical landscape. Chalky is undoubtedly an up and coming musician not to be missed!

Contact/Follow Jevon Ives on Facebook, Bandcamp & Instargram



Jevon Ives (London,Uk) Biography:

Jevon’s influences come from a life of musical variety which becomes clear when you engage in his music. While holding down five unique musical alias’s, Jevon’s vocal work is very much the forefront of his sound. Despite only having launched the ‘Jevon Ives’ project three years ago, he has released two solo albums and a handful of singles and features.

Contact/Follow Chalky on Spotify, Facebook, BandcampInstagram



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