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Easitwelve & Cultivation talk reggae, OUTTA and more on Sajilo Podcast.

September 30, 2020 - Blog
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Outtallectuals’ Himalayan reggae ambassador, Cultivation Muzik, sat down with Easitwelve to discuss his decade-long dedication to reggae music & culture.

Firstly, in the 40-min interview, conducted in a Nepali and English mix, the conversation covers the history of Outtallectuals x Cultivation projects. Subsequently, Cultivation dedicates the interview’s majority to the history of Jamaican sound system and dub culture. Then, the Nepali reggae OG talks about how this influenced the evolution of modern electronic and hip-hop music. Moreover, the conversation teased the announcement of their collaboration on Cultivation’s new forthcoming self-produced album, ‘Kora’, which is in its late stages of production.

Easitwelve also suggested the idea of an Outtallectuals collaboration, which is something we can’t rule out… after all, what’s Outtallectuals without completely random and unpredictable genre mash-ups? Besides, we’ve been dedicated to our base and projects in Nepal as a second home, and any musical exploration in Nepal is never out of question.

To catch the full conversation and listen to the podcast, check out the link below. In conclusion, big ups to Easitwelve and Sajilosquad for the OUTTA shout-outs throughout the interview.

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Furthermore, if you need a refresher of the previous works by Cultivation, you can check out his discography, as well as music video for Kathmandu below.

Outtallectuals · [OUTTA] Himalayan Reggae Ambassador: Cultivation

You can also check out this archival video of one of our sessions from 2015 in Kathmandu with both Cultivation & Easitwelve, as well as naudible and Assasi:

Sajilo Podcast is hosted by Nepali rapper and friend of Outtallectuals, Easitwelve, who is also a member of the OG Nepali hip-hop group, Sick Jam. The group also includes Dayjen and Professor Trix. To catch Sick Jam’s recent’s domination in the Nepali hip-hop scene, check out their recent 2020 EP which includes a number of originals and bars on classic beats:


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