Ethnofusion #005: Feyago – Lag Ja Gale (Indo-Pak Peace Song)

November 9, 2014 - Blog

This may be the first time that we are featuring a single track for this Ethnofusion column but contextually and musically, there’s definitely something fundamentally ethnofusive about an Indo-Pak peace song. We met Feyago two years ago in Kathmandu when he was doing a series of shows across India and Nepal and since then, I have been particularly impressed with his track ‘Someday‘ as it touched on quite a few social problems in India and the larger context. Fast track to today and Feyago’s come a long way with many shows, covers and a mixtape under his belt as well as winning VH1 India’s Hip Hop Artist of the Year. This week Feyago came out with a Indo-Pak peace song that embodies his ethnic origin as well as conveying a note-worthy message. Production and content-wise, this is Feyago’s most impressive track to date and it is exactly the sort of message that is needed in today’s music environment.

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Performed by Feyago
Produced by Cizzy

5 centuries ago people came
They came to rule but they called it trade
Now years later – they still the same
Dividing and ruling the theme of the game
Mere India aur mere Pakistan
Lag ja gale stop dropping bombs
We’re the same people same fuckin problems
Got the same dealers same fuckin arms

Eh I just know one thing
Remember when we used to have all these kings
The people were happy with nothing to fear
And now it’s a hoax called Kashmir
Eh Everyday we got deaths
I’m tired of all of these threats
While the rest of the world will be watching and laughing
We’re fighting like two fuckin pets

Toy soldiers who give their lives in the borders
Nahin ab koi Zinda
Their families given a medal
Nahin uske koi Parinda
Why’s English language – in every sentence
In the Declaration of Independance
They ended it with a Jai Hind
Those fuckin’ slaves to the fair skin

Do Desho ko tukre karke
Kisko Kitne Faida
Buying the guns and the bombs and the planes
From Russia, US and China
While the people are starving
Countries are robbing
Our hopes and our futures
They’re not gonna stop it
We gotta get rid of the hate, Brother
Lag ja gale brother

Roz news me padte border me problem
I don’t give a shit about how do we solve it
All I give a shit about is blaming the politics
Always so easy – blaming the politics
World, we owe you a thousand apologies
Some of them leaders some are just following
Some egos thrive and some egos swallowing
Culture/religion excuses for borrowing

Money we don’t even have
This makes us all look bad
I’ve asked people from both sides
And they’ve all agreed to one fact – this
War is all just a sham
These politicians so whack
Most of them – Never went to went to school, never read a book
Kinda like fools.

Jab koi baat bigar jaye
Jab koi mushkil bar jaye
Brother, Tum dena saath mera
Brother, dena saath mera

These children all soon will grow up
They’ll figure it out, but so what
As long as you get all your bribes
Who cares who dies – who survives?
You’ll tell us a million lies
Just for some holiday in Dubai
I see that you’re doing alright
Don’t see how you sleep at night, Brother.

Feyago - Lag Ja Gale (Remix)

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