Ethnofusion Picks: Flintwick – Hourglass Hustlin’ {Shivelight Promo w/ Interview}

August 19, 2018 - Blog

Instrumental terrasonic psychedelic bass music for your domes.

In a first of a collaborative promotion series with our friends over at Shivelight YouTube channel, we like to present Flintwick; a new artist on our radar who’s carrying the tradition of world-infused psytrap in exquisite style. With his latest track, “Hourglass Hustlin'”, the artist blends live sitar recordings with intricate interstellar squelches, crunked out 808s and plenty of tasteful variations within the track’s groove.

Recommended for fans of artists like Zebbler Encanti Experience & Halfred.

Interview with Flintwick

With this new promotional series, we turn the focus on the artists to discover their thoughts, inspirations and stories behind the music they make. Here are some words we asked Flintwick about this release:

Q. What was the inspiration to mix live instruments with the glitchy psytrap vibes

A. I think live instrumentation is a strong tool for translating that “organic” depth that “psy” music adheres to. Some music out there can sound like it was made from an algorithm or something, but the natural velocity and emotion from the years of practice, cant be simulated *as easily.

Q. Why the sitar?

A. The way that beautiful, unsynthesizable tone strikes you right in the chest is just magnificent! I’ve always been a fan of “obscure” instruments, my first being a mandolin. Oddly enough, that was the instrument I studied and taught music theory on from the beginning. Maybe the weird reactions I got from that is what sorta kicked me into buying all these ethnic instruments that everybody seems to know the sound of, but nobody knows the name.

(When I say obscure, I’m basing it on my region..)

Q. Any concept behind the title, ‘Hourglass Hustlin’?

A. On a deeper note, It could be seen as symbolizing the balance of time and nature, and how time is running out, hence Hourglass Huslin’. Because music saves time, and creators such as myself are more or less “hustlin'” these tunes out there.

But on a more honest note, when coming up with this title I was picturing this disreputable, black-merchant crocodile hustling contraband hourglasses in a dystopic future where time is bought and sold. The sitar makes me picture him doing this in sand dunes. Feel free to help me name this unlawful croc, maybe he needs another song.

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. Hopefully I’ll have the next EP out before the year is up! There are still styles I work on and frequently perform live that I have yet to actually finish and post for people to hear so i’m excited for that. Those styles being my more funk/ jazz inspired glitch music; something that certainly appeals to the psy/glitch crowd, as well as the more mainstream pop-oriented sounds being recycled constantly.

Got some extra saucy collabs getting cooked up, and of course the neuro-twerk, psytrap isnt going to stop! 

Q. Any final comments?

Thank you so much for listening to the sounds I pour my heart in soul into. Time is precious, spend it doing what you love; that hourglass cant always turn back around.

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