Ethnofusion Picks #Sep2015

September 30, 2015 - Blog

In order to fit singles and one-offs we hear in our archive of ethnofusion selections, I’ve decided to run a monthly lowdown of the best world bass music I hear and unleash them upon our our readers’ souls. It’s been a good month for this genre with a few genre-bending releases, as well as losing virginity to a new world sub-genre; arabic juke. Enjoy the tunes! -Baxtak

Martin’s Garden & Yechidah – Diva

I can easily say that this is the most captivating ethnofusion song I’ve heard in the past month. Everything about it is smack on point, a heap full of instruments, psy fxs and groovetastic beauty. Martin’s Garden & Yechidah both produce some of the most captivating psydub tunes and their combined power is highly magical.

Shmuck The Loyal – King Seeker

From start to finish, this tune’s almost unrecognizable with its ever-changing vicissitude. The first section of the song is a solid feat of hip-hop / trap wizardry straight from the slums of ancient Mesopotamia, suddenly teleporting into a futuristic Japanese juke fantasy. Perfect blend of all things future and ancient. Impressive stuff.

Truth – Syria

The 140 master is back with a serious and relevant note, most likely crafting a soundtrack for his emotional response to the Syrian crisis. It’s deep, old-school, fresh n enchanting.

Red Kartel & Oudjat – Eternal Misery

This one is on a very similar note to the above Truth track, both conveying their representations of a very real situation.

Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery Remixes (Part I)

Master ethnomusicology ravers released the first part of their 11 track remix album, including gems from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Tribone, and Kaminanda. Expect premium ethnic psydub.

Barren – Apophis

We released the new Barren release through Outtallectuals and it was a solid display of cinematic ethnic neuro trap monstrosity.

Kermode – Sand Storm

Our buddy Kermode also delivered a Middle East / North African desert-inspired neuro feature with this one. For fans of the heavier side of things.

Strantrong – HVLIFVT

This tune haunted me all week. It’s on the darkest lo-fi side of ethnic trap. At points I can hear my ancestors’ shower singing voices.

Koyo – Kinkakujii

The Outtallectuals don of future beats took his inspirations from a recent trip to Japan concentrated into this offering of levitational Samurai bass. Too bubbly to be heavy and too badass to be Kawaii; therefore, dope.

Sarantis – Karami (Volume 2)

Released by the don of ethnofusion music, Generation Bass, Sarantis delivers a menacing and refreshing mixture of Arabic trap / juke. Another dope find by DJ Umb and the crewdem!

D2therj (Alexander Judd) – Import

Coming from the beat type things, this one’s another solid instrumental, perfect for anyone looking to spit bars on some foreign fire, or wanting to feel majestic on a mid-tempo swerve.

Alphant – An Indian Dream (Mr Ours Remix)

Strong multi-layered and crystal clear mid-tempo production, perfect for hoolahooping pixies, worm-like trippers and telekinetic yogis, et al.

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