[OUTTA003] Baxtak – Isis: Ception of the Humanoid


Third release on the Outtallectual net label by Baxtak.

Isis: Ception of the Humanoid is an experimental conceptual tempo changing electronic based genre buster. The idea behind it is best expressed when accompanied with the artwork done by the amazing Mujura, and with the following description in mind:

– Isis: the female life bearing concepts of life: the mother, the universe, the bearer of the cycles.
– Humanoid: the ever growing life form that we currently identify as humans.
– Ception: the different stages in life i.e. conception, inception, perception, reception, deception.

The first two minutes of this piece show the process of birth until a moment of ‘maturation’. This section starts at less than 30bpm and gradually works up to 999bpm before going back to 1bpm in a moment of reflection. Beyond this crucial point, the tempo of his existence stabilizes at 140bpm, yet the challenges that come up in the humanoid’s life-span incite various unpredictable elements. After a few periods of challenge, success, hardship and uncertainty, the humanoid’s time finally arrives, only to give way to another generation of humanoids. And the cycle regenerates…

released 07 December 2013

All track credits go to Baxtak

Mastering by Kermode
Artwork by Mujura: www.facebook.com/MujuraArtDesign

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