[OUTTA028] Phewa Dawn

Dream and Bass


‘Phewa Dawn’ is an Outtallectuals fundraiser compilation album featuring +40 artists from five continents, producing a wide array of world and textural bass music, including live recordings of Mongolian, Anatolian, Nepali, Indian, Colombian and Egyptian instrumentation. Every song on the album is a collaboration between two or more artists, often bridging electronic beatsmithery with organic live instrumental or vocal recordings.

This album is released as a fundraiser in collaboration with the non-profit organization Skate Nepal who coincidentally embarked on a similar mission; to to redesign and renovate the only functioning skate park in Nepal. Our organizations have joined forces to raise funds and design the required renovations through our respected mediums. On the Outtallectuals side, all sales from the ‘Phewa Dawn’ album will go towards funding the new construction. This project has a wide range of benefits for Nepal’s young skateboarding generation as well as the wider global community.


Skate culture often represents a fusion of many forms of expression intertwined in a unified package which focuses on the art as much as the sport. However in Nepal, this creative outlet is not fully realized as there has not yet been a reliable hub (skate-park) for it to prosper in. Pokhara Skate Park was established in 2014 as the 2nd skate park in Nepal (first one is demolished). Being so far funded privately by skateboarder and park owner, Ram Koirala, the skate-park has slowly been developing but in order to fully meet its requirements, additional funding is essential. This fundraiser project has a wide range of benefits for Nepal’s young skateboarding generation as well as the wider global community. Some of the main outcomes from this project include:

– Raising funds and developing a renovated design for Fewa Skatepark
– Documenting the development of the first fully functioning skatepark in Nepal
– Promote new sustainable approach to operating as a record label
– Present the flagship project for future Outtallectuals development campaigns


Part I – Fundraising

The process of this project will be documented in a four part documentary, portraying its chronological evolution. The first part was shot in Pokhara, Nepal in February 2016, over a few sessions at the skate park. Following parts to be revealed in the coming months include the launch and making of the album, the new developed skatepark design and the building process.


Part 2 – Outcome

Aim & Concept

Built in April 2017, Annapurna Skatepark is the first international standard skatepark in the landlocked Himalayan nation of Nepal. Constructed with Make Life Skate Life at the helm of operations and acting as the meeting point of numerous different crews from around the globe, the project is a truly international and community-driven effort.

Combining the support of local skaters, as well as volunteers and builders from more than 20 other countries, 110+ cubic meters of concrete were poured, and sculpted to take the form of this authentic concrete park. The process united old & young, foreign & local, men & women to put aside all social differences, and work together for the love of skateboarding.

The project which was funded entirely through donations has already proven to be a major success by consolidating the skate scene in Nepal, and being subjected to daily shred by an increasing number of skaters. Having been built in Pokhara’s main sports complex, the project received backing from the Nepal government, paving the way for the country to host continental skate competitions and help bring Nepal into the global skate community.

This short film is Ekaterina Anchevskaya & Aryan Ashoori’s documentation of the three-week construction process, what it meant to those who took part in it, as well as a 4-minute skate part to give you a taste of the gnardom that is Annapurna Skatepark.

The filmed was premiered at House of Vans, London, digitally premiered on The Berrics, and has so far been featured in Sidewalk Magazine, Kingpin Mag, Grey Skate Mag, Daily Grind (KR) and Vague Mag.

In collaboration with Outtallectuals, Make Life Skate Life, Skate Nepal, ALIS, The Community Collective, HolyStoked Collective, Refurb Skate, and many more.


Annapurna Skatepark:


Den Sorte Skole – ‘Stone’ http://densorteskole.net/indiansandco…
Be Svendsen – Bones (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix) http://www.beatport.com/release/bones…
Ac-Tone x Phibber – ‘Bide Time’ http://outtallectuals.bandcamp.com/al…
Dirtwire – ‘The Whip’ http://dirtwiremusic.bandcamp.com/alb…
Seppa – Whack Lack http://seppa.bandcamp.com/album/whack…

Stills from the Process

All photos were taken by Ekaterina Anchevskaya


Contributing artists to the album include Amin Payne, Anchor Hill, Barren Noise, Bassline Drift, Bellatrix, Biomigrant, Bwoy De Bhajan, Byzantine Time Machine, Detox Unit, Eyera, Halfred, High Dude, HullabaloO, Intr3pico, Jason Hou, Koyö, Lo.Renzo, Maosia, Martins Garden, Maximo Yanez, MettāKin, Morillo, Ovoid, Sakchyam, S h a n t i, Sikada, SOOHAN, Subleeminal, Wu Wei, Yider.

Curated by Aryan Ashoori
All mastering work by Cédric Barreteau
Artwork by Shraddha Shrestha a.k.a Deadline

This will be a developing and exhaustive list but we’d like to thank many people in making this album happen:

Thanks for any community who’s shared an element of this project with their audience, including: Gravitas Recordings, Muti Music, Aquatic Collective, SirChillicious, Shanti Planti, Bluehour Sounds, Trap Nation Egypt, Arab Trappers, LostInSound.org, Hybrid Trap Network, Lucidity Festival, Lush Selects, David Starfire, Govinda

Curation, filming, documentation and administrative support: Ekaterina Anchevskaya, Dominic Caudr, Yuvash Vaidya (& Yomari Sessions), Doug Crabtree, Laurence Green, Ram C Koirala, Daryl Dominguez, Pokhara skaters (Rajman Gurung, Jeetesh Malla & more), Tamesis Dock, and more.

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