[OUTTA043] Byzantine Time Machine – Trapped in the Sultan’s Palace


Byzantine Time Machine return with a new single in their unique blend of world and electronic music, written in the Maqam (scale) of Nawa Athar. The song is a continuation of the group’s conceptual narrative, telling the tale of these scientists’ journey to ancient lands as their time machine breaks down and they become trapped in the sultan’s palace.

The song is a dance between melodies from the Oud and the G-Clarinet, while an orchestra of other instruments create the context for this showdown.

Available as a Bandcamp exclusive until June 10th.


Music by Byzantine Time Machine, including:

George Lawler – Tombak, Udu Drum, Frame Drums, Darbuka, Production, Mixing & Mastering
Eve Monzingo – G Clarinet, Sandouri, Flute, Alto Sax, Vocals
Ronnie Malley – Oud

Artwork – Mohammed Omran (Moomraan)

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