[OUTTA044] Lo.Renzo x Nicolo Melocchi x Asha Sapera – Rajasthan in Dub


Presenting ‘Rajasthan In Dub’ EP; the latest release from Outtallectuals artist, Lo.Renzo, in collaboration with Nicolò Melocchi, an Italian student of Hindustani music, & Asha Sapera, a dancer & singer from the Kalbeliya tribe of Rajasthan.

Primarily, this EP is the culmination of Nicolò’s time spent living with the musical tribes of Jodhpur in the past few years, training in local music & instruments. During this time, Nico has built a solid relationship with various members of the Kalbeliya tribe, a community whose dance & folks songs are included in UNESCO’s “List of Intangible Cultures”, & this relationship has included documenting videos & songs with Asha Sapera, one of the key internationally-renowned faces of the tribe.

Combining with the ethnofusion musical capabilities of Lo.Renzo as an electronic producer & player of the Sarangi, Cumbus & Percussions, the recordings of Nico & Asha have developed into this novel collection of songs. Traditional sounds of Rajasthan merge with world dub aesthetics & subtle overtones of psychedelic music to create ‘Lhwar Jewra’ & ‘Beraghi’, two songs with the main lyrical theme of love & separation as expressed from the perspective of such nomadic people who must often leave their loved ones behind, departing without the knowledge of their next exact destination.

Stream / Buy: https://fanlink.to/rajasthan


Vocals – Asha Sapera
Punghi, Algoza & Morchang – Nicolò Melocchi
Sarangi, Cumbus, Percussions & Production – Lorenzo Mantovani

Mastering – Sandy Finlayson
Artwork – Aryan Ashoori & Joe Dransfield


Nico Bansuri

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