[OUTTA047] Rik Ronner – Aghori EP (ft. Raj Mohan)


Presenting “Aghori”; Rik Ronner’s debut 4-track EP for Outtallectuals, based around a concept of the same name about post-mortem rituals of ascetic Hindu sadhus.

Stream / Buy: fanlink.to/aghori
Watch Video for Moksha: youtu.be/vj3KIEUntko

The four songs were originally composed for the conceptual dance piece, AGHORI, created by Shailesh Bahoran, and produced by Korzo and ISH Dance Collective.

The music channels practices related to the Aghori, including processes of reaching enlightenment through years of meditation, and rituals such as smearing cremation ashes on the body and using bones from human remains as jewellery and ornaments. Accordingly, the four tracks follow on this theme through the Hindu concepts of Samsara (worldly wandering), Maya (the creation of a sensible world), Moksha (spiritual emancipation) and Tapasya (meditation and self-discipline).


Production, Composition & Mixing – Rik Ronner
Mastering – Sandy Finlayson
Vocals – Raj Mohan

Artwork / Video for ‘Moksha’ – Shueti
Released on Outtallectuals


released January 8, 2019

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