[OUTTA052] Haquin x Mettakin – Sanreizan EP

Dream and Bass

Presenting “Sanreizan”; Haquin & Mettakin’s collaborative 4-track EP for Outtallectuals label, based around cinematic nature-inspired and mindful trip-hop / electronica / downtempo music.

The release combines the Artists’ multi-layered, organic beats with rich, live instrumental recordings which opens with a short ‘Prelude’ conveying the mesmerising feeling felt when first laying eyes upon the awe-inspiring peak of Mount Fuji. With ‘A Glimpse Over The Mountain’ Haquin takes us on an upwards expedition in the Far East with epic builds and hard hitting drops. The two’s unique production styles are brought together in the EP’s penultimate track ‘Tonkori’, which makes use of meticulously selected oriental samples blended with live piano recordings. Mettakin’s mind bending production ends the EP with his solo track ‘Halcyon’.

The minute attention to detail and complex cross rhythms captivate ones ear throughout.


Cello on Track 1 – Adam Pitsillides & Mimì Harmer
Guitar on Track 2 – S Rodriguez Javier
Drums on Track 2 – Tim Cook
Piano on Track 4 – Nicolas Haquin
Mastering – Sandy Finlayson
Production, Composition & Mixing – Nicolas Haquin & James Sharrock
Artwork – Nicolas Haquin

Released on Outtallectuals

Featured on Shivelight & Stereofox.

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