[OUTTA055] Poztman – Rites Of Calling EP


Presenting Poztman’s latest project; “Rites Of Calling” which tells the story of a group of young adults in a very distant future, needing to accomplish five challenges as passage rites; not only to prove their worth in their community or to prove they are worthy to be considered as mature adults, but to find their calling in life. Sonically, the tracks merge folk & tribal elements with futuristic drum & bass, while each track explores different levels of intensity based on theme.


All songs composed, mixed & mastered by Poztman
Percussions on Ancestral Data (Track 3) by Byzantine Time Machine
Released by Outtallectuals
Artwork by Gnostik Designs: http://instagram.com/gnostikdesigns/


This is a story set in the far future, in a system far away from what you consider home.
On a newly terraformed planet, a young civilisation is on the rise.
Although seemingly primitive, they hold precious technology granted by the Harvesters.
Tribal communities worship their absent creators, gather from the land, hunt beasts for food & machines for resources.
These terraforming machines called “Steelings” scout the realm, maintaining the flora, fauna & human population for the harvesters.
Tribes hunt them down for their precious Essence.
People of the tribes offer this Essence to the Rings – old artifacts connected to the Harvesters, granting a longer lifespan & resilience for the harsher life conditions on the terraformed planet.
The Rings are both a place of devotion & a source of rejuvenation.
But most importantly, the Rings grant them their Calling, their unique enhancement giving them purpose in their community.
A Calling is not granted but earned. Young adults must prove their worth in their community & unlock their Calling in challenges called the Rites of Calling.

Hunt for the Engine

A young man – Alix -readies himself for the first rite: The Hunt of the Engine.
Together with his best friends, a boy named Dao & a girl called Rey from other families, they scout the endless meadows for a massive Steeling.
It travels wide distances with a furious charge, transporting resources from one Brood to another, the places where Steelings ‘breed’ & act out the will of their creators.
As advised & taught from his father, Alix prepares his spear on top of a trench, through which the Steeling must pass.
The girl, as she bears immense strength, gathers boulders to smash the Steeling. The boy, with enhanced senses, is on the look-out for the machine.  Though Alix doesn’t possess great strength or elevated senses, he inherited his father’s gift to predict the weaknesses & movements of the Steeling.
Suddenly, Alix & Rey hear Dao’s call: The Steeling is there.
Time for the Hunt.

Hologram Worship

Alix & his friends come back victorious to their village. The supplies gathered from the Engine Steeling will come in handy & the Essence harvested will appease the Harvesters & replenish the vigour of the villagers.
The day after, the young ones gather for the next challenge: The rite of Community.
The town elder, grandfather of Rey, guides them to the resting grounds.
Here their ancestors lie buried, though not completely dead.
Their spirit lives on in their Essence, buried with them.
People of the tribes can summon their spirit, to ask for guidance, to see their loved ones once again. Until their Essence is completely depleted, their connection to the Rings & the Harvesters is lost.
Now, Alix, Rey & Dao must learn how to summon their ancestors in their pursuit of their Calling.

Ancestral Data

Alix is somewhat confused by the cryptic advice his ancestors gave him.
He doesn’t need to worry, as no one can triumph all challenges equally.
The Rites serve as guidance for one’s adult life, to find their Calling.
A rite is passed when the Ring blesses the challenger with the according mark.
Dao’s attempt at summoning was near to fruitless, though Rey managed seemingly without effort.
All received the mark of community nonetheless, as the way of the Rings & the Harvesters is mysterious.
Alix feels confident in the next challenge: the Rite of Cunning. He & his friends will have to enter the Birthing Grounds, the place where their first ancestors long dead came to live, out of machines made by the Harvesters.
Here they will have to access the ancient codex, a gift from the Harvesters.
The village Elder asked them to find out where other hunting grounds may lay, as the village’s supply starts to dwindle.
The Codex must contain that knowledge, the Elder is confident.
Alix knows the task seems trivial, but Steelings guard the place for unwelcome trespassers.
The young ones will have to prove their cunning.

Neck Deep in the Mire

Alix & Dao managed to find some information about a potential new hunting ground.
Rey soon got caught by a scouting Steeling, as cunning is not her strongest Calling.
The Elder is pleased & the worries of the villagers lulled.
Dao looks forward to their next challenge, but the others would rather cower.
In the Rite of Survival, they must stay alive for one day & night in the wild; teeming with feral beast & worse, vicious Steelings.
The Elder – as guided by the Ring – sends them to the Mire, a haunted bog deep within the forest. The black water there is vilified by all tribes. For reasons unknown, it seems to nullify the enhancements granted by the Ring. Or worse: completely draining bodies.

Serotonin Sequence

The young ones barely escaped the Mire alive. If Dao hadn’t slayed the snake-like Steeling, inhabiting the noxious waters, they wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.
Severely drained, the young ones rest until they feel ready for the next challenge: The Rite of Passion. The premise is simple: they are tasked to find an activity that elevates their spirit, that fills them with passion until they become one with the moment.
Until they can empty their minds & receive the mark of passion from the Ring.
The execution, however, is far from easy. Young minds are like a pool full of hungry fish: difficult to quench & still.


After several days, Alix & his friends have found their spark of passion.
For Dao, it is the act of fishing. Rey found her passion in seducing young men & sleeping with them.
The apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Alix, as he found his passion in music, like his mother & uncle; not in playing an instrument, but by dancing at the festivities.
Together, Alix & his friends dream of their future life as adults.
Having passed all the Rites, tomorrow they will receive their Calling from the Rings.
But tonight, they feast & celebrate their earned adulthood.

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