[OUTTA010] Dhawa Sunrise

Outtallectuals – Dhawa Sunrise ‘Dhawa Sunrise’ is a fundraiser compilation based around the themes of future-thinking and/or ethnic inspired texture-heavy music. The album includes 13 artists from 10 countries including Steppeulven Awards nominee, Bwoy De Bhajan, with artwork provided by Nepali pioneer graffiti artist SadhuX. Name Your Price (minimum £2) ...

Outtallectuals – Ethnoeight (2014)

Ethnoeight: Middle East by Outtallectuals Ethnoeight is a free sampler compiled by Outtallectuals that tries to capture the theme and sound of Middle Eastern music in the form of the Trap electronic sub-genre. This EP is in a partt of the Outtallectuals research for omni-dimensional music that manage to fuse ...

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