Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #006: Tentura

This week we will be focusing on the duo that is Tentura, playing music within and on the borders of the psychedelic sub-genres of Psybient and Psychill. With the ever-evolving format of this blog, we bring you accompanying weekly mixes. Rather than copying links from SoundCloud to talk about the tracks ...

TEDx Bath University: A History of Time

This presentation was curated by our member Aryan Ashoori as a presentation for TEDx Bath University. “This art gallery/presentation is a chronological walk through artworks by MaQan related to the big bang and origins of existence, growth, learning, the dualities in life (good and evil), technological vs human, on to the ...

Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #004: Keeplove – Folkstep

If you’ve been following our spaces, you’ll know that David Samano a.k.a Keeplove? has been on our radar for a while. One of our admins [A] came across his music while on a search to explore soundcloud with [insert]step tags. One of these words chosen was folk and beyond the ...

Searching for the Omni-dimensional #003: Baumeister

This episode of SFTOD takes a different turn as we uncover that getting lost in merging genres solely for the purpose of omni-dimensionalism can be damaging to the soul of the music; rather it should be a naturally occuring process. We will be introducing to you an upcoming artist, show evidence ...

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