Thunder and Lightning (Unofficial Music Video)

November 4, 2014 - Art

Earlier in the summer, some of our crew were involved in the filming of the following short film set to the music of Azedia, a music group that we have previously featured in our Searching for the Omni-Dimensional blog. The concept of the video is a story by Elika Ashoori and it revolves around the uncertainties and struggles of relationships. You can read the in-depth film concept here on Elika’s blog.

With a set-up including a RED Scarlet camera and numerous reflectors, and shots that required 8 hour-timelapses, this was certainly the most challenging project we’ve filmed. The following is the outcome of this video shoot:

Elika Ashoori
Russell Geoffrey Banks
Oliver Dawson
Sarah Court


Director and D.O.P : Joseph Gainsborough
Runner and Lighting: Martin Kloud
Producers: Aryan Ashoori and Elika Ashoori
Editor: Aryan Ashoori
Creative Director/ On-set Photographer: Maryam Mazraei
Screenwriter: Elika Ashoori
Time-Lapse Photography: Arman Farinnia
Colourist: Jack Kibbey Newman

Music By:

Track: Thunder and Lightning
Album: Life Goes On

Special Thanks to: 
Lilford Gallery
Burgate Coffee House
The Black Griffin 

Thunder and Lightning Video

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