• Outtallectuals - Equinox (2014)
  • Baxtak - Isis: Ception of the Humanoid
  • Save SouthBank Skate Park
  • Spectrumology #001

Introduction to the Outtallectual Collective

A community of artists, scientists and progressives. We provide and engage you with our art, music and ideas as well as finding all the good things from the web n sharing it with you. Our idea is to gather a collective and collection of 'omni' material. The easiest way to define this is art that manifests itself in more than one or two branches of its categories. For example, music that goes beyond one or two genres to create something original.

Relating to the idea of omni-dimensionalism, we like to bring you as many different types of creation as we can. Browse through our artists work in creations to see what the outtallectuals are up to and also have a look at our blog for some interesting finds in art and science.

''We like to be modern classics...by being punk in our attitude, rastafari in the way we treat each other, raver to any beat and funky in the way we look. All the other jazz shall follow.''


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