Glitch In The Matrix


A playlist dedicated to those artists that are pushing the boundaries of heavy and experimental music, merging the guitar and drums aspects of metal music with intense electronic and hip-hop madness. Anything from heavy neuro to avant-garde metal and death rap.




Glitch In The Matrix – Top Experimental / Leftfield Bass Discoveries of 2020

Top Glitch & Leftfield Electronic Music Discoveries of 2020 Summary A playlist dedicated to those artists that are pushing the boundaries of experimental electronic music, from neuro and leftfield bass to the depths of breakcore and IDM. Here’s some of the most weird and wonderful sounds we came across in ...


Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #016: Shamanic Technology – Shadow Work

Re-embracing our search of the omni-dimensional, this blogging section is back with a special review of an artist whose soundsmith skills have consistently cut the edge of innovation and who is back with a new ultimate full length; we unravel ‘Shadow Work‘ by Shamanic Technology. I pledged to support Shamanic ...


Best of Neuro-Hop Forum’s OWOT 2016 (Season 3)

For the past three years, members of the neurohop community have been running ‘One Week One Track’; a challenge for up-and-coming or veteran musicians to create a song in a week and a chance for them to impress themselves, the community, battle writer’s blocks, or purely for the fun of ...


OWOT#1 – Raising the Bar for Experimental Music in 2015

If you’re into experimental / neurohop / idm electronic music, 2015 is already going to blow your frickin faces off. Some members of Neurohop Forum started a thread and SoundCloud group devoted to the ‘One Week, One Track 2015’ challenge / initiative. Two weeks in and the results are already ...


Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #014: Bwoy De Bhajan – 2032 EP

The latest addition to our Searching for the Omni-Dimensional blog is 19 year old producer and sound wizard Bwoy De Bhajan. With Bhajan refering to Hindu devotional songs, a slither of an idea is given about the music you will hear. Bwoy was deservedly a nominee for ‘Newcomer Of The ...

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