Guest Mix #002 – H.E.A.R: High End Audio Ritual

August 9, 2013 - Blog

Outtallectuals Guest Mix #002: H.E.A.R – High End Audio Ritual by Outtallectuals on Mixcloud

‘H.E.A.R means High End Audio Ritual and that is exactly what we try to reach with our events. We create spaces where the participants can interact with the whole event and through this really a feeling of co-creating the happening comes to life. People feel this community. Through our work we try to open up sacred spaces where visitors are aware of themselves and the others. It’s kind of a Ritual, but an open one where the rules and outcome is influenced by every visitor attending the event.’

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Artwork by Mujura:


Galactronic – Dearmoring
Tor.Ma In Dub – Intergalactic Talk
Heyoka – Etheric Dub
Itom lab – Shivai
Puppy Kicker – Booty Shake
Cloud-D – Where I’m From
Shwex – Forever Shining Soul
Kalya Scintilla – Beneath A Full Moon
Radioactive Sandwich – Lengo
Shwex – Forever Shining Soul
Whitebear – Auric Sight
Tipper – Dead Soon
Tipper – Big Question small head
Kalya Scintilla – Break Belief Bounce (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience
Ransom – Amazon Bass’n
Kalya Scintilla – Dance the Spiral (Kaminanda Remix)
DigitalFolk – Follow The Shaman
Biolumigen – Akuna Marana
Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Pyramid Lake Remix)
Quanta – Recept
Itom Lab – See Sharp

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