Sara Rahmani – Streets of Dark Refrain

October 19, 2013 - Art

Strees of Dark Refrain is a hand-draw short animation set to John Porro‘s song of the same title. This is the concept as explained by Sara Rahmani, the illustrator who spent 5 months working on this piece:

”In this work I’ve tried to draw upon the difficulties of adapting to the chaotic nature and the constantly distracting atmosphere of large cities. It criticises the dark aspects of our modern age, namely, consumerism; organised religion; the education system; and most importantly the bias towards scientific knowledge as opposed to art, creativity and ontology. Furthermore, I’ve tried to draw attention to the misery of the often neglected members of our society – the homeless and the drug addicts.”

Enjoy this viewing!

Streets of Dark Refrain from sara rahmani on Vimeo.

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