Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #007: H.E.A.R – High End Audio Ritual

May 5, 2013 - Blog

What is a musician? Is someone who calls to prayer from his local mosque a musician? Are DJs musicians? What about parrots? Are sound engineers musicians? If a musician is not the master of a specific instrument?

Too many questions about the technicality of what being a musician is. However, his broad term can have various meanings and this is shown in this article. Our feature this week may be musicians but they seem to be treating music as a scientific experiment which is an ode to a balanced science/art left/right side of brain. Aside from DJing, H.E.A.R know how to put on a show with enough visual stimulation and crowd participation hence why they are regularly found in fusion art festivals where visual, musical and other forms of art can be co-created simultaneously. In the author’s humble opinion this method of art omni-dimensionalism is also impressive and the gathering of people to experiment communal ‘lucid dreaming’ definitely ticks an outtallectual box.

Before we get on to the interview, H.E.A.R were kind enough to make us a mix, press play and read on!


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