Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #009: Slow Machete

The artist chosen for the focus of this introduction and review is definitely different from any artist we have had before. This week we will be moving away from predominantly electronic music and opening the garden door to indie/alternative greatness. 30 seconds into the Slow Machete experience, you will understand ...

Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #001 [REDO]: The Algorithm

When we initiated this website, to start off the section of this blog we wrote an introductory article on The Algorithm and the release of his single Tr0jans, before the Polymorphic Code album was out. This group was a clear indication of musicians searching for omni-dimensional music and their formula ...

Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #001: The Algorithm – Polymorphic Code

In this series of posts, we will be uncovering music from around the globe that manage to break down genres of music to merely an attempted definition of a period in a song. (more…)

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