Outtallectuals: Frontiers of Progression

May 2, 2013 - Blog

The second compilation album released by the Outtallectual Collective. With this album, we will be showcasing music from a range of genres, producing sounds that challenges the current boundaries of harmony.

11 tracks from Australia, USA, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Nepal, Italy and Canada.

Starting up with Sawtooth, Kameronessi and Yokai, respectively we have metal, psychedelic and ethnic dubstep, followed by a trip-hop contribution by Hexus. Kromatic and Baumeister demonstrate different perspectives of future garage and SoundPalette taking us to a mix of moombahsoul and and trap music. The album carries on with two vocal tracks by Keeplove and Cultivation with folk and reggae enfused dub. Kappah provides us with a psychedelic instrumental hip-hop tracck and we finish off with Mo’Reza’s 6/8 ethnic electronic experimental.

Artwork by Outtallectual artist Mujura.


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