Searching for the Omni-dimensional #003: Baumeister

March 11, 2013 - <a href="
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This episode of SFTOD takes a different turn as we uncover that getting lost in merging genres solely for the purpose of omni-dimensionalism can be damaging to the soul of the music; rather it should be a naturally occuring process. We will be introducing to you an upcoming artist, show evidence of their brilliance in written format, top it up with an interview and welcome them to the Outtellevision YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy this one with Baumeister.

As a result of the recent post-whatever revolution in music and the emergence of a lot of interesting underground musicians, the electronic scene is undergoing a major redo. The competition is more about experimentation and individualisation of sound a lot more than a standard drop. This is exactly what Baumeister is about.


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