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September 23, 2015 - Blog

Recently, my attention was brought to an artist whose repertoire of world bass bangers had not yet been discovered. In many ways, this discovery feels like stumbling on the tip of a stone which reveals to be an archaeological site upon thorough digging.

Rising from the ashes of the future glitch dub outfit Sounduo, West coast ripper, MORiLLO’s efforts in the past year have been shifted towards a world fusion bass sound to rock the wildest slithering Egyptian goddess. In little over a year, MORiLLO released two EPs with Muti Music and Play Me Records as well as a Marry Poppins bag of worthy free downloads. In general this is a hefty deal of multi-layered dance and trancable material, gems of which we’ve picked out for you.

The Pathways EP is filled with hypnotic world melodies and enchanting vibes. The execution is perfect in the sense that the beats combine everything dear about hip-hop, future bass and perfectly-timed dub wobbles, accompanied with plentiful shakers, movers and dreams. From the UK bass representation of tribal grime in Bamboo Ears, hip-twisting swirls of Bangalore and the tribal dub inspired mid-tempo grooves of Tribe, to the complex banger trap patterns in Pathway post-moombah riddim of Shikaka, every listen to this EP shines dust off of its originality.

The latter Hieroglyphics EP could also knock the Geez off of the Pyramid of Giza with a beautiful cover art and equally pleasing music. The title track could well be the author’s favourite tune from MORiLLO, but some of the tunes from this EP really kick it as well; Kali could get bats in a tomb to capoeira and Sub Aquatic Love is perfect for snorkelling toads in the Ethiopian stretch of the Nile.

MORiLLO’s free downloads are also certainly fuck-witable. In most of these tracks, when the precise fine balance of southern gangster 808 and rootsy ancient vibes are met, delicious sound system radiances are achieved. The Lasim Richards trombone collabo, Soledad is a standout with its live instrumentation/ digital dubbery coagulation.

Overall, here we got an artist with appreciation for all that is old and new. With quite the season, playing Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Astral Harvest, and Shambhala, and previous appearances at the likes of Burning Man, MORiLLO’s one to look out for in this realm of music. Word on the cyber-streets is that MORiLLO is working on some new material, so we thought to take this perfect opportunity to put the scope on MORiLLO’s perspective and ask some vision-based questions. Here goes everything:

1. What’s the background man? Why the world fusion bass vibe?

Whats up guys?  So my background is deeply rooted in drumming.  I grew up attending music schools, and playing drums in all kind of musical settings, so I think the world fusion thing came about through all the different styles of music I grew up playing and listening to.  It really opened me up to the world of music.  I have also always been a real lover of roots-reggae music, which I think drew me to a lot of different forms of roots music.  So, as years passed and as I became more exposed to electronic music producers like Bonobo, and DJ Cam and stuff, I was always drawn to the tracks with ethnic instruments featured in them, like the sitar or any other worldly sounding instrument.  I think when these instruments are used tastefully, they can really take the listener on a unique and enchanting journey.  I dig that.

2. Do you think your work as a drummer and with Sounduo has honed your ability to deliver groove-tastic electronic music?

I definitely think that drumming plays a big part in my music.  My music can be very rhythmic and most of the time I become most inspired by a really great sounding beat.  If It sounds and feels good, the rest of the song usually comes together pretty quickly.  Its just a matter of putting whatever vibe I am feelings on top.

3. I’ve seen your music played on a BMX video as posted by GoPro. Do you draw any parallels between modern urban and traditional tribal culture?

Yes yes, I was really excited to get my track Aquilae placed with the guys over at GoPro, but I had never really thought about any parallels between modern and traditional culture.  I just know that rhythm and melody has roots in the foundations of human history, so no matter if your a modern urban dwelling human or an indigenous tribesman, music is the universal language.

4. What can we expect from your new EP?

Well I actually have at least two EPs in the timeline.  I have a handful of tracks that are definitely on the more heavy and banging tip, and some that are more chill and vibey.  So, I’ll be working to round off two separate releases in the coming year.

5. Can you name three of your current favorite ethnofusion artists?

Oh man, I have so many favorite artists right now but I would have to say that my most current favorite ‘ethnofusion’ artists are El Buho, and Kalya Scintilla.

6. There’s a video of a performance at Enchanted Forest Gathering with fire dancers performing to your music? Have you considered any live audiovisual experience or film type of thing?

Absolutely.  I am hoping to making some music videos in the coming year that I plan to double as visuals for my coming shows.  I have also spoken to dancers about performing along side me on stage.  It was really amazing seeing how those girls interpreted my music via fire, because I have always envisioned fire.

A video posted by Zach Morillo (@morillomusic) on

7. If you were to introduce someone to world bass / ethnofusion music, what would your pitch be in one sentence?

Its music that can teleport you to the distant realms of your imagination. 🙂

Thanks for the chat!

Find MORiLLO on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and Twitter.

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