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“Warpball” is a 20-track quantum/space-themed compilation, curated in partnership with game-developers, Unruly Attractions, as the original soundtrack for their upcoming videogame of the same name. The album is a regular Outtallectuals label release, as well as being heard in the background while the game is played.

Genres include techy & groovy electronic ‘space bass’ music, on the 80 to 160 BPM range (mid to uptempo) [neurohop, neurofunk, drum n bass, drumstep, glitchhop] with a high degree of experimentality and signature charm, but balanced with a healthy focus on the groove and cadence.

Artwork by Moomran:

Mastering on most tracks by Cédric Barreteau
Mastering by Sandy Finlayson on “Tetralith”, “That’ll Do Pig” & “Peacock Spider”



A refreshingly different take on soccer games, WarpBall brings teleportation to the field, and runs with it.

Inspired by the retro classic Speedball 2, Monday Night Combat and the cult hit Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars, WarpBall brings the fun and accessibility back into sports games.

WarpBall was selected as a part of the Square Enix Collective, and was Greenlit on Steam in less than 2 weeks.  Prototypes of the game have been demoed at events including MineCon 2015, where it was played by Xbox Head Phil Spencer!

Warpball: www.warpballgame.com/

Key Features

  • Online and local multiplayer: Many indie games are local multiplayer only. Not us!  Kick ass all round the world
  • Lots of Replay Value: Between the arena layouts, character ability choices, and even player tactics, two matches of WarpBall can be very different experiences
  • Character Customisation: Choose your character, ability and a procedurally generated skin.
  • Single Player League: No friends? No problem!  Single player leagues and trophys to keep yourself busy
  • Easy to pick up: The basics of WarpBall are fast to pick up, although the game’s depth takes time to master!
  • Awesome Soundtrack: 20-track electronic soundtrack sourced from Outtalectuals


Announcing the winner of our WarpBall compilation competition… EurythmY with a space-tempo belter, titled “Emptimass”

Read more below to learn about the VA’s concept, and the requirements of the winning track:

In collaboration with Euphoric.net, we used this opportunity to run a contest for submissions to the WarpBall compilation, choosing one or two winners to be included in the album. Read on for further details about this unique opportunity, how to enter, what to submit and more.

Competition Details

  1. Extended Competition Deadline: September 20th
  2. One or two winners will be chosen to be included in the 20-track compilation.
  3. All songs will be available as follow for download and/or paid release through all major digital platforms.
  4. The winning submissions will be uploaded onto Euphoric.net’s Soundcloud channel and promoted through Outtallectuals and partner platforms.
  5. Winner announcement: September 22nd
  6. Estimated compilation release date:  October 10th

Song Requirements

  1. Genres: Techy & groovy electronic music, on the 80 to 160 BPM range (mid to uptempo) [neurohop, neurofunk, drum n bass, drumstep, glitchhop]
  2. Theme: Winning submissions will have to meet the ‘quantum’ vibe of the game. Keywords for conceptual styles: quantum bass, space bass
  3. We favour tracks that have a high degree of experimentality and signature charm, but balance this with a healthy focus on the groove and cadence.
  4. Refrain from using long ambient breaks/drums cuts.

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