[OUTTA041] The Creature – Elements


Stomping out from its cryogenic hibernation chamber buried deep in the forests of Tsawassen, The Creature returns to remind the human race of their futile resistance to the Second Renaissance; the coalescence of man and machine.

This is the next chapter in the tale of this bionic beast’s brutal destiny, and it is a sonic recreation of the grueling procedures the Creature underwent in its transformation to become this ghastly mongrel. Should one listen closely enough, they can hear the bone-shattering blare of its osteoid network being replaced with titanium, lasik re-calibration of its visual prisms, substitution of its blood stream with uranium-laced low molar sulfuric acid, and the development of a dysfunctional appetite for destruction; all of which form the “Elements” that lead to this prototype cybernetic polyoid.


Artwork by Moomraan:

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