[OUTTA040] Poztman – Komorebi EP


Presenting the 40th release on the OUTTA catalog; “Komorebi EP” is Poztman’s debut release on Outtallectuals and an exploration of dark industrial spectral electronic music, with an overall influence of Japanese concepts and sounds.

The 4-track EP combines elements of ambient drum n bass, post-black metal, neuro, and the avant-garde, to manifest a dystopian etherealm. Each song portrays a Japanese concept through its specific compositional attunement. Accordingly, “Yugen” represents the profound and mysterious sense about the beauty of the universe and the sad beauty of human suffering; “Kuebiko” represents the Shinto god of agriculture and knowledge, but also the exhausting feeling inspired by acts of senseless violence; “Shinrinyoku” represents a practice of soaking in the atmosphere of a forest, i.e. “forest bathing”; and albeit not originally being a Japanese concept, “Sonzai no Osore” represents the fear of existence.

All tracks composed, mixed and mastered by Poztman:

Didgeridoo on Track 3 by Telaranrhi0d
Session violins by a guest musician on Yugen.

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