Seppa & Chalky’s sophomore ‘Strange Changes’ album shines with technicolour jazzy bass. [Shivelight Premiere]

September 28, 2020 - Blog

In anticipation of today’s grand premiere, we are excited to present Seppa and Chalky’s ‘ChkChk’ via our sister channel, Shivelight:

Shivelight · Chalky & Seppa – ChkChk [Slug Wife] {Shivelight Premiere}

The inseparable duo of Seppa & Chalky unite again at their home of the slugs to bring you technicolour jazzy bass music. The song is taken from ‘Strange Changes’; their forthcoming sophomore 14-track album that glides through their signature blend to realise rainbow-surfing music. With duelling mastery of the saxophone and guitar, as well as a guru tier approach to production, Seppa and Chalky bring a much-needed organic touch to the heavier side of the jazz-hop / chill-hop genre, without compromising feel for tech-wank. While lo-fi hip-hop is all the jazz these days, this album portrays how hi-fi can not only give you what you need, but supersede it.

‘Strange Changes’ follows up the duo’s Bright Spots album, as well as Chalky’s self-produced & Seppa-mixed&mastered solo projects, ‘Second Beach’ & ‘Bloe EP’. Stylistically, the album is more cohesive as a continuous listen than their previous album, yet it maintains the variety and dynamicism that makes their projects so entertaining. The harmonic interplay between guitars and saxophone is taken to a new level of love affair, perhaps accentuated by the difficulties of collaborating from different locations during lockdown. This is also compounded with the unfortunate breaking of Chalky’s hand this year and how he has climbed back to the top of his game.

Aesthetically, the album is the furthest possible from the coarse nature of Chalky and Seppa (Sandy)’s names. The songs are for the utmost part fluent and lubricated, while moments of less viscous psychedelia remind you of that you are in fact in the home of the slimy Slug Wife family. While most of the songs on the project enjoy a predominantly boom-bap sound, unique nuggets of dusted gold reflect the artists’ shining souls through collaborations, including soulful vocals by One Kind Eye on ‘Higher’, sensual Rhodes by Jim Bastow on ‘Scaphoid’ and ‘Falling Forward’ and Modular Processing, Synthesis and Bass Guitar on ‘Subaqueous Broadcast’ by MYR. There are even credits for sizzle sounds by Joey Cargo and claps and inspiration by Naomi Jeremy. Overall, ‘Strange Changes’ is an endearing message of hope in a turbulent year, and it is a little light of ours to shine while we cherish the fuller side of our cups.

We will also be premiering the album in its entirety tomorrow on Shivelight’s YouTube channel at 7PM:

You can also pre-order the album below or here: https://music.slugwife.com/album/strange-changes

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Album Artwork by SARAH KOURY

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