Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #011: Globular – Magnitudes of Order

November 7, 2013 - Blog


‘For all apparent chaos, we find a few simple rules
Yet the rules keep evolving, so we sharpen our tools
But the further we delve, the small just gets smaller
Forever our search, will reveal Magnitudes of Order’

Since I first heard this album in September, I knew I had to write a review about it. Not only because I am a psychedelic dubster, but because I’ve previously heard what Globular is capable of, with his collaborative release with Radioactive Sandwich ‘Sorbet for the Soul’.

‘Magnitudes of Order’ is a real album with 1 hour and 10 minutes worth of music. The tracks range from 4 to 13 minutes, this being proof for the fact that Globular doesn’t just produce a few tracks n call it an album; he really puts his thoughts into the concept. Without further ado, press play and read on, while we decypher, recypher and derecypher this album and the concept behind it.


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