Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #011: Globular – Magnitudes of Order

‘For all apparent chaos, we find a few simple rules Yet the rules keep evolving, so we sharpen our tools But the further we delve, the small just gets smaller Forever our search, will reveal Magnitudes of Order’ Since I first heard this album in September, I knew I had ...

Guest Mix #003: Kermode

Following up from our series of guest mixes, this week we have a new contribution from an artist who’s been under our radar for a few months. After being featured on our album Ethereality Vol.1, Canadian artist Kermode showed support for Outtallectuals in the form of this exclusive mix. The ...

Searching for the Omni-Dimensional #009: Slow Machete

The artist chosen for the focus of this introduction and review is definitely different from any artist we have had before. This week we will be moving away from predominantly electronic music and opening the garden door to indie/alternative greatness. 30 seconds into the Slow Machete experience, you will understand ...

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