Haru Nemuri Unleashes a Sleeping Giant with “Inori Dake Ga Aru”

April 8, 2021 - Audio

Haru Nemuri has unleashed their sleeping giant through their new single “Inori Dake Ga Aru”, a critical response to the traumas of a post-COVID world, and the cultural expression of this reality in their universe.

Assembling a crew of close collaborators, Haru Nemuri channels a delicate, yet deceivingly fierce strain of Japanese hyperpop & artrock which utilises poetic spoken word vocals in equal parts to blossoming harmonies. To an untrained foreign ear, the darkness of the lyrics is not apparent, however, utilising Syse Matsumoto’s translations, it quickly becomes evident that the intellectual content touches on the deepest and most vulnerable emotions of a confined year.

Lyrics like “I still don’t know the name of this feeling, just crying like the day I was born” touch on a primordial precursor of grief, agony, scare, confinement, and anger. While the subtle light out of the tunnel is visually portrayed through the music video where Haru Nemuri is behind the sealed doors, it is the final crescendo of the song which releases the built tension on a tectonic scale.

Beyond auditory excellence, the song uses the ‘quarantine’ concept to touch on a much deeper sense of melancholia and dissatisfaction at a multitude of things; from existential angst, the general global dystopia beyond COVID, and even the irksome frustration of being a hidden artistic voice among the plastic and flimsy bulk of the J-Pop industry.

Nevertheless, Haru Nemuri is charged to sway the tide of Japanese pop in their direction. With a SXSW Online performance in March this year, and a forthcoming North American tour in sight, the artist possesses the skills, prowess, and prospective to fulfil their mission.

Watch the Music Video for “祈りだけがある / Inori Dake Ga Aru” below:

Co-Producer: Takayuki Kato
Additional Guitar: SHUNPEI KOIDE
Additional Drums: YUSAKU OBINATA
Recorded & Mixed by Hajime Yamamoto at HAPPYCAT RECORDINGS
Mastered by Takeo Kira at TEMAS MASTERING STUDIO



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