Sturle Dagsland Blends Realms In An Unheard Fantastical Folklore Brew

Sturle Dagsland For all connoisseurs looking for the next big avant-garde artist, Norway’s Sturle Dagsland could be a solid contender for that title. This self-titled debut LP offers powerful moments of artistry with a vast diaspora of reference points somehow managing to somehow channel Björk, Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, black ...

Haru Nemuri Unleashes a Sleeping Giant with “Inori Dake Ga Aru”

Haru Nemuri has unleashed their sleeping giant through their new single “Inori Dake Ga Aru”, a critical response to the traumas of a post-COVID world, and the cultural expression of this reality in their universe. Assembling a crew of close collaborators, Haru Nemuri channels a delicate, yet deceivingly fierce strain ...

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