(UK/IR) [London / Kathmandu]

Baxtak (stylized as Баxтак) is an experimental music project by Aryan Ashoori that started in the UK in 2011, and takes the form of music production, live DJ sets, audiovisual experiences, critical music writing, and curation. As a live act, Baxtak DJs in a variety of styles from reggae dub alongside Nepali reggae artist, Cultivation, ethnofusion as a fruit of his Ethnofusion blog, and dark avant-garde music in audiovisual experiences, such as collaborations at Yantra 4.0 in Kathmandu, and Blackout Basel 2015. As a producer, Baxtak has contributed to a number of Outtallectuals compilations and produced beats for Syrian hip-hop artist, Assasi. As a curator, Baxtak is founder of Outtallectuals, and the director of all label operations including a TEDx appearance, international festival curation, fundraiser projects and documentary-making.

Appearances at:

– Bhutan International Festival 2015 (Bhutan)
– Blackout Basel 2015 (Switzerland)
– Shanti Ustav 2015 (KTM, Nepal)
– 2016 New Year Street Festival (PKR, Nepal)
– Yantra 4.0 (KTM, Nepal)
– Ozora Festival 2016 – Chill Out Dome (Hungary)
– Ethnofusion and Outtallectuals Sessions 2016-2017 (London, UK)

Баxтак on SoundCloud


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