IT [Modena, Italy]

Lo.Renzo is an Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer & DJ whose musical background includes graduation in Guitar at the Academy of Modern Music, as well as studies with several masters in Italy & abroad, including Scott Henderson, Bob Brozman, Carl Verheyen, Richie Kotzen & Jon Gomm, & at RagaTala Lab in Jodhpur, India, & the Atlas Academy at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Over the years, Lo.Renzo’s music has evolved to become a nexus of world & electronic music, expanding to also include the mandolin, banjo, ukulele, cumbus, sarangi, ocarina, digital music production & more. Having played at numerous festivals all across Europe, as well as India, & with releases through reputable labels such as Merkaba Music, Blue Hour Sounds, & Outtallectuals, Lo.Renzo’s musical journey is one of constant growth, evolution & sheer musical exploration.

Lo.Renzo is also involved in two other related projects, namely Jakare, a folktronica project with fellow Outtallectuals artist, Halfred, and POAN along with Giacomo Barbari, an atmospheric downtempo project using natural sounds.


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