In conversation with Sumac Dub

 Written by Molly Sisson | Edited by Baxtak The French dub scene has been thriving these past years, ever evolving with different collectives popping up all around the country. Names such as Panda Dub, High Tone and Kanka have been paving the way for an electronic perspective on the ...

Eyewise: Top Discoveries 2020 (Reggae Dub / Roots / Deep Dubstep)

Eyewise Emanates – Outtallectuals’ Top Discoveries of 2020 in Reggae, Dub, Roots & Deep Dubstep  In 2020, we found more music than ever before in a wide range of genres. Hence, we decided to bring back our in-depth writeups and expand on our discoveries in a whole range of ...

Easitwelve & Cultivation talk reggae, OUTTA and more on Sajilo Podcast.

Interview Outtallectuals’ Himalayan reggae ambassador, Cultivation Muzik, sat down with Easitwelve to discuss his decade-long dedication to reggae music & culture. Firstly, in the 40-min interview, conducted in a Nepali and English mix, the conversation covers the history of Outtallectuals x Cultivation projects. Subsequently, Cultivation dedicates the interview’s majority to ...

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